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Strattic is an all-in-one static site generation and hosting platform that instantly optimizes WordPress by converting it to a static architecture. With Strattic, content managers and marketers can continue to manage content in WordPress as usual, while developers get to bask in the glory (and enjoy the peace of mind) of a fully headless website.

Strattic Features

Unprecedented static security for WordPress

Strattic offers the highest level of security by disconnecting your live website from WP, thus eliminating vulnerabilities such as SQL injections (SQLi), and Cross-site Scripting (XSS).
Unprecedented static security for WordPress

Effortless performance and scalability

Your blazing fast static WordPress site will scale effortlessly, including under load.
Effortless performance and scalability

Headless for every WordPress user. For real.

Your devs will be thrilled that their WP site is headless, and marketing will love that they can use WordPress, as usual.
Jamstack for every WordPress user. For real.

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Migrating our WordPress websites from our previous hosting to Strattic immediately increased our site speed significantly. This contributed to lowering our bounce rate, increasing our conversion rates, and also helped improve our SEO. I highly recommend Strattic.

Jonny Steel

VP Marketing, Payoneer

Our WordPress site is business-critical and we depend on it for generating leads. We were suffering from slower than 6 second load time. We considered investing in a brand new website but decided to try Strattic instead. We were amazed that Strattic got our page load time to over 50% faster and we didn’t have the hassle of rebuilding our site.

David Bitton

Senior Product Manager, Coralogix

Every second counts when delivering content in terms of lowering bounce rates and increasing conversion rates. On Strattic, the prerendered static pages are fast out of the box, without having to change one line of code.

Pavel Eliav

DevOps, Resident

Strattic provides a very elegant solution to the WordPress dilemma - editors' ease-of-use versus the technicians' security concern. By providing the WordPress interface to editors and a static output for the resulting website, Strattic's innovative solution delivers on both security and speed.

Andrej Verity

Information Management Office, The United Nations

I highly recommend Strattic, especially if you’d like your site to be super fast, don’t want it to get hacked, and prefer to focus on your product and not on the headache of maintaining WordPress.

Doron Gutman

DevOps, HoneyBook

We’ve received world-class support, from a friendly, knowledgeable & responsive team. Strattic cut our full page load by over 75%, that’s huge! Our team can work in the familiar WordPress dashboard, while the Strattic handles the delivery of the Jamstack for us.

Dan Maby

Founder, Big Orange Heart

The Strattic team has figured out, apparently before everyone else, two things. First, that businesses of every size will continue to choose WordPress so that their marketing teams can quickly edit sites. Second, that those same companies have little risk tolerance for poor performance or security issues. In other words, everyone needs what they’re offering.

Chris Lema

Leader, Executive & Product Strategist

Experience the security and speed of headless WordPress hosting